R&D Property Developers build housing flats, malls etc on community properties in the heart of Chennai. Less than a decade ago, the organization began its foray into property development, having built well established landmarks and well known for transparency and progressiveness. The organization built robust subsidaries and acquired other organization, to enhance an edge in mobilizing expertise and resources over other builders.

R&D is the driving force, with the primary business of construction and development.

Youth, experience and an attitude to adopt to change is what best describes the R&D Property Developers. Comprising of a team of dedicated professionals, each possessing solid experience and project handling capabilities, the organization structure is functional, with the core focuses being set on Project Development, Marketing and Customer Service.

Each development, marketing and service division has a primary Business Head whose main objective is to deliver to all clients unique products and high standards of customer service. Under the leadership of a new customer service is initiate to examine and address suggestions and complaints by owners of R&D Apartments and promptly resolve any issue, however small they may be.